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This project proposal will provide assessment and the management of illegal migration flows at the land border, through the increase of knowledge degree of operational situation and the enhancement of reaction capacity of the participating authorities responsible for land border security. It is also aimed to develop a system in which video-analysis techniques can be, if possible, combined to serve border maintenance as efficiently as possible at the law costs.

The project objective is to increase intelligence in video surveillance and for this purpose the proposal approach process will consists of:

  • camera-specific processes
  • a modular implementation of successive analysis layers, which is applied for optimal situational awareness: chaining, motion, figure, face.
  • In addition to the camera's processing capabilities, the network consists of: cheap sensors, network analysis and system for control room.

The development of SMART VIDEO SURVEILLANCE will be realised through an increase of efficiency of video surveillance:

  • multidimensional information collection;
  • open source information tracking;
  • broadband surveillance;
  • text reading;
  • motion detection;
  • picture enhancement;
  • face recognition;
  • video-surveillance system platform;
  • video archive search
  • object counting
  • pattern recognition (object classification)
  • anomalies recognition

The project proposes to:

  1. increase the intelligence of the video surveillance system, detect all the irregular movements within the area and select the suspicious ones conduct in-depth observation and identification of the targets;
  2. Achieve the 100% surveillance of the overall land border area (water, land, air). Set up and run demonstration;
  3. define the desired interoperability environment, including proposed adaptations to existing systems, to accommodate new capabilities, additional sensors (cameras & radars) and communication media between existing system nodes;
  4. to promote the usage of EWISA system concept all over the European land borders