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The management of this research project will be in accordance with the articles of the contract to be signed with the EC and concluded by a consortium agreement to be signed among the project partners. An efficient Project Management scheme and practices shall be followed in order to guarantee the performance of the work and timely execution of the different tasks. The Project Management structure includes the required components whose roles are described below.

The leading partner is the Center for Security Studies - KEMEA

A Project Management Board and the Scientific and Technical Board will be operationalised, aiming to target the best coordination of this research project and to promote our technical excellence.

This management structure can minimize administrative and technical management overhead by properly focusing the functions of each component and will assist maintaining clean interfaces between the research and management activities of the project as well as coordinating the ambitious technical tasks and exploitation of scientific and technical results of this research project. There will be no IPR conflicting issue.

Management Structure

Project Management Board (PMB): The Project Management Board is the ultimate project authority, with collective responsibility for research project as a whole and long term strategic decisions within this project.

The Project Management Board will take major management decisions with guidance from the Coordinator in accordance with contractual provisions The Project Management Board will act as the supervisory board for this Project, its main goals being as:

  • to manage and direct this research Project as a whole;
  • to confirm that the overall resources used are consistent with, and reasonable for, the work performed;
  • to ensure the correct progress of work and the medium term results of this Project are in accordance with the contract provisions;
  • to review appropriate funds allocation required for a smooth research activity and estimate future needs.

The Project Management Board is made up of one representative from each Partner. The Project Manager (appointed by RBP - the project coordinator) chairs the Project Management Board. Partners designate the formal representative at the beginning of this research Project. All the members of the Project Management Board representing each of the Partners are responsible for representing the interests of their organisations.

Project Manager: The Project Manager (PM) is nominated by RBP (project coordinator). He has operational responsibility for the project and its day-to-day management. He is the focal point for all management activities in the Project and will be the official interface between the Project and the EC.

The responsibilities of the PM will be:

  • to coordinate all administrative activities within the project;
  • to allocate in advance all the required funds for the on-going research activity within present project;
  • to ensure that the research project work program is maintained and to detect and resolve main deviations in time and alteration of budget;
  • to be link channel for submitting all documents and for general liaison with European Commission for all project contractual matters;
  • to organise management meetings, and research Project reviews as may be required;
  • to maintain and make available within this Project appropriate documentation and publicity materials;
  • in case of un-expected events, to take appropriate measures alternative work plans, back-up, force major Procedures and rules for Conventions and Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Changes in Formal Representation, Frequency and Places of Meetings will be discussed at the first project meeting.

Project Scientific and Technical Board: The Scientific and Technical Board is responsible for maintaining the technical and scientific focus of the research project as a whole, and for ensuring that there is adequate collaboration between the teams working on different work packages within the project as well as by promoting close collaboration to ensure that all the technical and scientific objectives of the work plan are adequately accomplished in accordance with the POV Call and the main purpose of this project is completed the successful EWISA tests.

Main functions of the Scientific and Technical Board are:

  • to assume the responsibility of the technical and scientific direction of the Project
  • to organise and coordinate the internal review of deliverables, other than management and exploitation deliverables;
  • to help the PMB in the judgement of the technical and scientific progress and in the organisation of any technical audit of the project results;
  • to maintain the coherence and focus on the main scientific and technological objectives within or during the research project;
  • to harmonize technical and scientific differences between tasks;
  • to take all decisions related to technical and scientific matters;
  • to control the scientific progress of all technical work packages.

The Technical and Scientific Board Chairman will be Scientific and Technical Manager, is nominated by PMB in the first meeting.

The Scientific and Technical Board is made up of at least one representative from each Partner or by Work package Leaders. Each Project Partner has designated the formal representative from the beginning of this Project. The Scientific Board Chairman as the Scientific and Technical Manager will have to report to PMB.

Scientific and Technical Manager: The project Scientific and Technical Manager has the responsibility for maintaining the scientific and technical focus to the main strategic objectives of this research project, and for ensuring the adequate collaboration between the teams working on different tasks and its responsibilities are:

  • to coordinate the technical and scientific work of the Project
  • to keep up the technical and scientific objectives of the Project
  • to inform PM of the progress of the work
  • to coordinate the technical issues
  • to solve any technical conflicts between tasks
  • to organise and coordinate the internal review of EC deliverables
  • to disseminate the technical and scientific information among the partners.

Work package Leaders: The project partners will nominate the Workpackage leaders. The appointed partner will have to nominate a specific person of its organisation to perform this role.

The Work package Leaders as different persons for each of 8 WPs, will have the following responsibilities:

  • to manage all tasks in each work package during the research Project;
  • to ensure that the project schedule is maintained and to initiate report/corrective actions where required;
  • to ensure that the objectives and results of the tasks within his work package are achieved, on time and at the scientific level required, and deliverables
  • to arrange technical reviews of specific milestones as required by PM;
  • to supply the Project Manager with all the information related to the work package leaded, outlining progress and highlighting problems and actual or expected delays;
  • to supply the information required and to assist PM for the Progress Reports.