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The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) of the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection being the Coordinator and Contracting Authority of the EWISA Project, successfully organized in cooperation with the contractor INTRACOM TELECOM the “EWISA – Solution 1 Information Meeting” which took place on the 23th of October 2018 at Cultural Multicenter premises, Orestiada, Greece.

At this event, Contractor’s representatives were invited to present their unified and integrated technical solution and R&D services of the EWISA project. About 60 participants attended this event, including representatives of the EWISA Consortium, Contractors and Hellenic Police.

The event was formally opened by the member of the BoD of KEMEA Mr. MATZIOROS Christos, with greetings and welcoming, who highlighted the new challenges faced by the EU with regards to both migration and internal security. The EWISA Coordination Team (Dr. Pantelis MICHALIS and Dimitrios MYTTAS of KEMEA), presented the EWISA Concept and the Principles of the foreseeing R&D services, stressing the strong commitment of Greek and EWISA public authorities for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the EWISA project in the domain of Land Border Surveillance.

The Contractors representatives (INTRACOM TELECOM), Mr. VELENTZAS Nicolaos, Mr. KARDARAS Kostas and Mr. KORKONDILAS Ilias sequentially, presented to the audience their EWISA Concept approach, System Description & Architecture, Implementation and the Principles of their R&D unified integrated solution services and the whole set of the deployed equipment, as well.

In the closing, the Director of the Police Department of Orestiada, Hellenic Police Colonel Paschalis SYRITOUDIS, stressed once again the importance of this project and thanked all participants for their input throughout the EWISA Information Event, pointing out that was characterized by a productive feedback, fruitful and significant interaction between all parties.


Photos from the event

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