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PSCE Conference in Athens 2016

EWISA project successfully participated and was presented in the PSCE Conference on the 23rd & 24th of November 2016 in Athens, Greece. PSCE is a permanent autonomous organization, working to foster excellence in the development and use of public safety communication and information management systems by consensus building. The two-day event targeted representatives of public safety user organizations, industry and research institutes , to  exchange ideas and best practices, develop roadmaps and improve the future of public safety communications initiatives and current and future funding opportunities for PCP/PPI. EWISA Project is presented in specific session related to the Border Surveillance and attracted the interest of the stakeholders as a Pre Operational Validation Project (POV) along with its special focus in Situational Awareness utilizing Video Analytics Technologies/Capabilities (CORE NEED) in combination with data fusion from Surveillance Heterogeneous Sensors providing Intelligence Analysis Reports (CORE NEED). The PSCE Conference took place in Radisson Blu Park Hotel in Athens.

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