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Andrei Voicu RomanianBorderPolice2  Daniel Boba RomanianBorderPolice   Daniel Boba RomanianBorderPolice2
Daniel Boba RomanianBorderPolice3   Gregorio Ameyugo Frontex2  In front of the RBP HQ
 Joaquin Castro GuardiaCivil  Kimmo Elomaa FinnishBorderGuard  Kimmo Elomaa FinnishBorderGuard2
RFR 4180   RFR 4190  RFR 4191
 RFR 4195  RFR 4198  RFR 4204
 RFR 4205  RFR 4234  RFR 4235
RFR 4237   RFR 4239  RFR 4250
 RFR 4251 RFR 4253   RFR 4254
RFR 4261a Spyros Koletsis KEMEA2  
Andrei Voicu RomanianBorderPolice Bogdan Ivanescu RomanianBorderPolice  
Joaquin Castro GuardiaCivil2 Spyros Koletsis KEMEA  
Gregorio Ameyugo Frontex3 Gregorio Ameyugo Frontex